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Losses of the Decade: AGP, CRT, Diskette, COM, LPT, PS/2 Ports

Apart from those technologies that were essentially born in the 2000s and died in the same decade there are loads of technologies that managed to enter the year 2000, but have never made it into 2010.

Invented back in 1897 and commercialized in 1922, cathode ray tube (CRT) technology ceased to be used in mainstream computing in the middle of the first decade of the 21st century after about thirty years of evolution within the PC industry. The high-definition with its extreme resolutions made CRT devices obsolete. In fact, the whole video sub-system got changed significantly: PCI Express x16 substituted AGP, DisplayPort and DVI replaced D-Sub in the vast majority of systems.

Evolution of diskettes: 1969 - 1982. Image by Wikipedia

Diskettes, which have been used to exchange information for over thirty years also became outdated in early this century following the rise of multimedia, Internet and large files. In addition to diskettes, there are no more audio or video cassettes too as they were ousted by CD, DVD and Blu-ray.

The decade also destroyed the traditional COM, LPT, PS/2, DIN and other time-honored ports. Printers and mice can be connected to PCs wirelessly via Bluetooth, whereas scanners use USB or FireWire. Even hard disk drives got more convenient cables which replaced Parallel ATA in all new PCs by the end of the decade.

It has been an interesting and very innovative decade. Many of the technologies that we will use in 2010 will cease to exist or will get completely transformed by 2020. Isn’t that why we all are passionate about technology?

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