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Desktop PC Barebones

Barebones of small form-factor (SFF) desktop personal computers (PCs) started to take mind and market shares back in 2002 and by the year 2005 there were tens, if not hundreds, models of half-made SFF desktops available on the market. But nowadays desktop PC barebones are barely in demand.

Shuttle Computer was first to introduce its cube-like barebone sometime in 2001, but only in 2002 – 2003 those SFF barebones got enough media exposure and, as a result, popularity among end-users. By the middle of 2005 there were so many barebone versions, not only from Shuttle Computer, but also from companies like Iwill, MicroStar International, First International Computer and many others. Some of such systems could support Extreme Edition processors aimed at enthusiasts and two graphics cards, some were very small and utterly quiet.

The reasons for desktop PC barebones success were simple: there were no truly compact or compact and high-performance PCs on the market at that time amid rising demand towards efficient computing.

But SFF PC barebones are not popular at all these days and there are many reasons why:

  • Do-it-yourself enthusiasts are hardly interested in paying extra for cube-like barebones now that there are so many stylish and compact computer cases that support all off-the-shelf components from makers like Antec or Silverstone.
  • Performance demanding users demand maximum performance available and it is almost impossible to get it from an SFF barebone-based system.
  • Many of those, who look energy-efficient systems, now look for already pre-assembled PCs that feature energy efficient processors not available widely as well as various notebook-derived technologies to further cut power consumption and noise.

Nowadays, only Shuttle Computer is still trying to make SFF desktop barebones popular, but even the XPC pioneer is offering factory build XPC systems in all regions. Unfortunately for Shuttle, they do not provide any services with its XPC systems, as a result, this business is merely successful.

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