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Viewing and Analyzing Obtained Results

Now that the testing session is complete, you will be able to view the PCMark score only if you have PCMark Vantage Professional Edition:

More details on each of the tests are also available:

However, the owners of PCMark Vantage Basic or Advanced Edition shouldn’t envy the Professional users, because the score reports online are much more illustrative and informative anyway. This way you can not only view but also analyze the scores. First, you can clearly see on the charts where your system stands among all other registered systems:

Unfortunately, at the time we were working on this article, this service wasn’t fully activated yet, so there were no systems to compare against ours at this time.

The next page shows the general score and the specific score in each test.

Configuration page will refresh your memory regarding the system configuration and will reveal the configuration of your rivals.

Once again, the comparison is not very informative just yet, because there are simply no rivals in the system, but this is obviously a temporary issue, which will be resolved once PCMark Vantage is officially launched.

We have already mentioned before that this Futuremark product has become considerably more commercial. Studying the obtained results may prove very useful not only from the theoretical but also from the practical standpoint. Suppose, some system very similar to yours is far ahead of you in graphics tests. In this case you can check out the rival’s system configuration and order a graphics card like that immediately using the provided “Get It” links.

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