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We constructed a diagram of the performance of the Swiftech H20-120-P according to the above-described methodology in the said modes.

As you see, we couldn’t crush this system. Even under the maximum load of 250 watts (it’s not a typo, it is two hundred and fifty watts!) the temperature of the heating element never exceeded 55°C!

Of course such a high load is a purely theoretical one when we’re speaking about the central processor, but we shouldn’t forget about the rest of the system’s components. For example, the dissipated power of a computer with an AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 processor, an nForce4 SLI-based mainboard and two GeForce 6800 graphics cards would be close to that value. You shouldn’t even try to cool such a computer with an ordinary water cooling system lest it should boil up under a load of 250 watts!

I’d like to note, too, that it’s harder to remove 250 watts of power from one source than a total of 250 watts from four components, so the efficiency of the Swiftech H20-120-P is going to be even a little bit higher in a real environment.

The second area of application of such advanced systems is the use of water cooling in conjunction with thermo-electric cooling modules, widely known as Peltier elements. The “heat pump” allows cooling a component to temperatures below the room one (although not as effectively as phase-change systems would do), but it itself dissipates twice more heat than the device being cooled. Thus, you will have to dissipate 200 watts to cool a 100W processor! It’s here that the exceptional qualities of the water cooling solution from Swiftech come in most handy. Moreover, the company is almost the only supplier of a wide spectrum of serial solutions for thermo-electric cooling of the PC, offering kits for different CPUs and (what’s even more valuable!) for graphics cards, as well as special power supplies. We hope we will be able to examine the consumer qualities of one such advanced kit from Swiftech soon.

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