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Quad-Core Chips to Become Mainstream

For about twenty five years leading microprocessor suppliers lead the so-called megahertz war. Clock-speed of central processing units (CPUs) was the most important indicator of their performance and companies like Advanced Micro Devices, Cyrix and others even invented so-called performance ratings that should indicate comparable speed levels with Intel’s chips amid lower frequencies. However, everything changed in 2005 when both AMD and Intel unveiled their dual-core processors. So began the great core war!

Dual-core central processing units have become mainstream solutions since then and in 2010 their followers – quad-core CPUs – will conquer the mainstream market. There are rather clear evidences for that: Microsoft Windows 7 and DirectX 11 can take advantage of multi-core chips and a lot of other consumer-oriented software will just follow. Since quad-core chips can boast with decent clock-speeds nowadays, their performance will be enough for mainstream applications. Hence, the demand for quad-core chips will definitely be there in 2010.

AMD Athlon II X4 microprocessor

In fact, AMD has already introduced quad-core chips for the price below $100 and it does not take to be a prophet to say that more and more quad-core chips from both leading suppliers of microprocessors will be available in sub-$100 price envelope. It remains to be seen when Intel starts selling low-cost quad-core processor and under which brand. At present Intel Core 2 processors, even their dual-core versions, cost over $100 and everything below is shipped under Celeron or Pentium names.

Intel Core 2 Quad microprocessor

Six-core processors from both AMD and Intel will serve the premium segment on the market and naturally quad-core chips will lose part of their pricing and will inevitably become much more affordable than they are today, especially in the second half of 2010. The lower the price the higher is demand.

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