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Thermaltake Company manufactures a lot of different computer components for hardware enthusiasts: starting with processor coolers and water cooling solutions, and finishing with cases and power supply units.

Thermaltake products may not be as radical as some solutions from Zalman, for instance, but they are still very interesting as they always are more than just system components.

Today we are going to take a closer look at Thermaltake Tsunami Dream system case, model VA3400BWA.

Exterior Looks

The case is shipped in a shiny box with a plastic carry-handle. The photo on the box gives you an idea of what you are going to find inside: strict stylish shape, black “metallic” color, wave-shaped front panel with the silver “water-line”.

The package also includes a power cable, a set of stands for the mainboard, a set of various screws for system assembly, two sets of keys, sliding rails for drives installing into the 5-inch bays, assembly guide and even a special cloth for proper case surface dusting.

By the way, the top and the side panels of the case should be treated very carefully. Any touch leave very noticeable or not very noticeable marks on them depending on how clean your hands are :) And if you are wiping off any stains or marks from these shiny surfaces make sure that you do not scratch them, as it actually doesn’t take long.

The left side panel of this Thermaltake Tsunami Dream model features a transparent window. You can see everything inside the system case through this window. And right in the middle of it there is a metal grid and an 80-mm fan right behind it, sucking the air in.

Behind the black aluminum door covering the plastic front panel there are Power On and Reset buttons alongside with system status and HDD activity LEDs. The bays for 3.5- and 5-inch devices are all hidden behind the blank plastic covers clipped in (no screws used).

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