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In early 2009 the test version of Microsoft Windows 7 Beta operating system became first available to specialists and a few days later – to everyone else. However, you could download this version even in the end of last year from unofficial sources. We took advantage of that opportunity, the same way we did it with the 6801 and 6956 versions before, in order to watch how the development went on and tell you about the changes and innovations we could expect to see in the new operating system. This is what our today’s article is going to be about.

Let’s dot all i’s right away: I am absolutely neutral about Microsoft Windows Vista. Many users decided to test drive this OS and installed it on their computers. However, once they came face to face with new interface, performance drop or some other issues, they went back to Windows XP and swore to wait for the next Microsoft OS version, because Windows Vista was useless. Of course, this dramatic criticism is far from truth, and my personal experience with this operating system at home and at work proves it. Windows Vista didn’t spread out as rapidly as they have expected for many reasons. In the corporate sector it seemed like a really bad idea to spent pretty substantial financial resources on software upgrades during the notorious economic crisis. I guess it also came from the snobbism of IT-professionals, namely “I am not installing new Windows until Service Pack 1 comes out” principle. As for the home users, Windows XP has been in the market for such a long time that there is the whole generation that hasn’t seen any other Microsoft OS’s. Of course, anything differing from the well-familiar functionality gets a hostile reception, and youthful enthusiasm doesn’t accept anything between black and white. In fact, the previous transition from Microsoft Windows 98 to Windows XP also wasn’t that smooth, and the change from Windows 3.11 to Windows 95 is simply impossible to describe.

Why did I start talking about Windows Vista? Because we are going to compare the new Windows 7 Beta with this particular OS. The planned transition from Windows Vista to Windows 7 will be not so painful, because the new operating system should be regarded as a sort of corrected version. Of course, Windows Vista is not free from some bugs and drawbacks, like any other OS, but even if it were ideal, we would still be interested in the new Microsoft creation. The developers will definitely share with us the details about indepth code changes, numerous improvements and optimizations. As for us, we are going to primarily focus on the new functions and features of Microsoft Windows 7 and the exterior differences from Windows Vista.

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