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Taking into account insignificant differences between Microsoft Windows 7 Beta and the previous version 6956 of this OS, we could have written this article in the end of last year. However, version 6956 remained operational on my system only for a week and then I had to remove it because of continuous error messages. I decided to check how operational Windows 7 Beta is by installing it onto my work computer, despite Microsoft’s warnings. It worked just fine for over two weeks almost without any problems. Of course, this is way too short of a period to be able to estimate the OS reliability, but the only reason why I went back to Windows Vista SP1 is for the sake of comparison. Now that the review is done I am going to continue my experience with Windows 7 Beta.

In the beginning I said that my attitude to Windows Vista is quite neutral, and this is true. There is no operating system equivalent to Microsoft Windows in functionality in the market today, so we don’t really have much of a choice. But as for Windows 7, I really like it, I enjoy working with it. From my subjective standpoint, it has become much more convenient and faster to work in Windows 7 than it used to be in Windows Vista.

I am not trying to convince you in favor of the new OS, but since you have the opportunity to download and check out the new operating system on your own, why not do so? The system is fully functional and is quite reliable, according to preliminary data. The only serious issue I have experienced is corruption of MP3 files by the media player. However, there is an update fixing that already. “Send Feedback” link in each window header may be a bit annoying, but you can get rid of it by replacing FeedbackToolEnabled parameter to 0 in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\. You will anyway be able to send your feedback to Microsoft if you want to via the “Feedback” option in “Control Panel”.

When you register on Microsoft’s web-site you will receive a test key. However, you can skip the registration part if you clear the trial period day counter by using “smlgr –rearm” command as administrator. They say you can clear it 5 times instead of 3 (in Vista).

The system will be functional until August 1, 2009. However, I hope that we will be able to replace Microsoft Windows 7 Beta with Microsoft Windows 7 Release Candidate long before that.

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