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Start Menu

The Start Menu has barely changed. It will have the links to the latest launched applications just as before; you can use “Pin to Start Menu” option to save them there forever, change icon size and correct the list of links on the right.

Now you don’t have to reassign the Power Off button the same way you did in Windows Vista, where it switched the system to sleep mode by default. Power Off button shuts the system down just the way it should, and the additional menu that can be opened by clicking the arrow symbol on the right allows selecting the action you need: switch user, sleep or restart.

However, there are a few modifications here, too, that will definitely improve your productivity. Look at the arrow symbols to the right of some applications that invite you to open the corresponding sub-menu:

The principle here is exactly the same as by the taskbar. We can simply open the application window or choose one of the recently opened files. The list will be updated in real time, but you can always save permanently the links to all necessary files.

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