The Best of 2007: X-bit Labs Reader’s Choice Awards

It is time we rounded up the results of our Best of 2007 Reader’s Choice poll. 13 categories, over 30,000 people participated. Let’s find out now who the winners are!

by Anna Filatova
01/23/2008 | 04:26 PM

It is the fourth time that we are hosting the annual Reader’s Choice Award poll on our site aimed at selecting the best makers and developers of the year past. It has already become a good tradition for us to offer our readers the opportunity to share their likings when it comes to individual brands and technologies, and in the end we hand out prizes to the winners.


Xbit’s Reader’s Choice Award has gained a lot of respect from the manufacturers over the years. Many of them work hard to get our readers to vote for them and have every right to be proud winners. I believe you may have already seen Xbit labs award logo on some of the product packages. Check them out, because each of you has personally contributed to putting our logo on some of the products.

But let’s get back to our results discussion. In the end of 2007 beginning of 2008 we hosted a poll for the Best of the Year title in 13 different categories. We registered a record-breaking number of readers who voted this time: over 30,000 people!

So, let’s see who the winners are!

The Best Computer Case Maker: Antec

For the second time Antec wins in this category. 27% of our readers believe Antec system cases are the best choice out there. The company offers the whole line up of solutions from high-end cases for computer enthusiasts to nicely built mainstream solutions that would fit into any home office environment.

Close by come cases from Cooler Master: 21% of our readers voted for them. So, in the coming year we may see some interesting competition between the two companies.

The Best Cooling Systems Maker: Zalman

For the second time Zalman is taking the lead in this category. However, despite the indisputable victory the number of people who voted for this manufacturer has become smaller than before. 27% of votes is undoubtedly enough to make them the winner, but if this tendency continues, next year Zalman may face some serious competition.

As for the other popular brands, we should definitely point out Thermalright who keep growing their fan base and Scythe, who didn’t manage to get beyond the 5% barrier before, but offered a lot of successful solutions last year thus winning 8% of the users’ votes.

Zalman cooling solutions reviews in 2007:

The Best CPU Maker: Intel

For three years in a row AMD was winning the Best CPU Maker title. But over the past few years the situation has changed dramatically in Intel’s favor. 81% of our readers voted for Intel. And no wonder, the performance numbers speak for themselves.

Will AMD turn things around in 2008? I guess we will have to wait and see.

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The Best Game Console Maker: Nintendo

Since console wars have become an irreplaceable part of our daily updates newswire, we decided to include this category in our poll this year. After pretty cut-throat competition, the winner was determined to be Nintendo Wii with 38% of votes, closely followed by Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation.

The Best Graphics Card Maker: eVGA

Over the past few years eVGA has been making a lot of progress in the graphics card market. Their aggressive strategy and close cooperation with Nvidia on the products launches paid back: this company won our Reader’s Choice award this year having received 24% of votes and having pushed Asus into second position.

XFX was voted the third most popular brand, while BFG Technologies seems to be losing some of the users’ love this time.

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The Best Graphics Processor Designer: Nvidia

Since 2005 Nvidia has been sitting pretty strongly in the position of a leading graphics processor designer. And looks like its popularity has been growing ever since. In 2007 74% of our readers preferred graphics solutions featuring an Nvidia GPU inside.

But compared with the previous years, this time we only have two players in the market. Looks like S3 Graphics that was fighting to stay in the picture is gone for good…

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The Best Hard Disk Drive Maker: Western Digital

Four years in row Western Digital has been voted the Best HDD Maker of the year. And this time, they did it again hitting the record number of 43%.

The second best is again Seagate, who have grown their share dramatically over the past few years: they have gone from 19% in 2003 to 35% in 2007. Obviously Maxtor acquisition turned out a good decision.

Western Digital hard disk drive reviews in 2007:

The Best LCD Monitor Maker: Samsung

Samsung remains the readers’ choice in the LCD monitor segment with 41% of votes cast for them. Great quality, rich variety of available models, innovative technologies obviously help them win the users’ hearts.

However, this year we see that dell branded monitors have made a significant jump forward in the popularity charts: 16% of users prefer Dell LCD panels, while two years ago they didn’t make it past the 5% barrier at all.

Samsung LCD monitors reviews in 2007:

The Best Mainboard Maker: Asus

Asus mainboards have received quite a few Editor’s Choice awards on our site in the past, so not wonder that over 50% of users prefer these products. Considering the gap between Asus and the second most voted – Gigabyte, the winner has nothing to worry about at all. Let’s hope that this victory will not encourage them to roll down their sleeves for a while and that they will continue to keep the pace they’ve taken so far :).

Asus mainboards reviews in 2007:

The Best Notebook Maker: Dell

This time 17% of our readers voted for Dell as the best notebook maker of 2007. Great variety of modifications and very attractive prices obviously helped Dell get to the winners pedestal. However, we cannot help pointing out that Asus who have been focusing a lot on the mobile products over the past year are breathing down Dell’s neck with 16% of votes in their favor. Well, 2008 promises to be a very interesting year for the notebook market, especially with the overall tendency towards increased portability of computer systems.

Dell notebook reviews in 2007:


The Best Overclocker’s Memory Maker: Corsair

Looks like the cut-throat competition between eternal rivals – Corsair and OCZ Technology – has been resolved indisputably in favor of Corsair this time. 6% advantage over OCZ Technology in the overclocker memory category is pretty convincing. Could be the fact that OCZ has now much more things to take care of, such as PSU business, system cooling, graphics card division and system building. Anyway, 2008 with DDR3 technology getting more adapted by the market promises to be at least as exciting as the year past.

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The Best Power Supply Maker: Antec

This time it was a real tough decision: Antec was just 1% from sharing the award with SeaSonic, who have made a significant jump forward in our popularity charts. However, this 1% difference is what makes Antec the proud bearer of the 2007 Best PSU Maker award.

 Antec power supply unit reviews in 2007:

The Best System Chipset Designer: Intel

Although Nvidia retailed the Reader’s Choice for the past three years, Intel simply smashed them this time with almost twice the number of votes they got in the Best System Chipset Developer category. 51% will be really hard to beat. Especially with the AMD/ATI getting really close behind. It is hard to tell if the winner will change in the end of 2008, but we know for sure: the battle for the second best position will be pretty much as interesting.

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