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Our today’s extended testing of 11 card-readers proves that most of them show their best characteristics irrespective of the media type. If a device is efficient, it is usually faster than other models with any media, although there are cases when we see a predilection to a certain memory card model, not necessarily from the same manufacturer. At the same time, if the medium can’t boast high speed characteristics, the efficiency of a card-reader is somewhat negated. So, in order to have the maximum performance from your memory card, you should purchase the fastest reader, which wouldn’t become a speed ceiling but would allow the card to realize its full potential.

Once again the USB 2.0 ImageMate model from SanDisk proves its highest efficiency in our tests (this model is much faster than its more expensive “Ultra” mate with the FireWire interface). The second device you may want to pay attention to is the no-name “9 in 1” model, which is considerably cheaper than the winner and has just a little lower speed.

I’d like to remind you that we have dealt with CompactFlash media and the results might be different with other media types. You should consider this fact when selecting and purchasing a multi-format card-reader.

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