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FC Test: NTFS (Create)

Now, let’s see the drives do the same tasks in NTFS. You may note that the OneTouch A14B120 wins the Windows and Programs patterns that include many small files. The WDXC1200JB looks less superior to the others than it was in FAT32, and we can’t name a more efficient interface for it. The WDXU1200BB, also from Western Digital, looks just a little worse than the 8MB-buffered model.

FC Test: NTFS (Read)

The WDXC1200JB wins this test with the FireWire interface. Well, it is better than the other two devices in four cases out of five when attached via USB 2.0, too. The OneTouch A14B120 takes the third position, being a little better than the WDXU1200BB.

FC Test: NTFS (Copy Near)

The WDXC1200JB drive wins the test of copying files within one partition irrespective of the interface. It is followed by the WDXU1200BB; the Maxtor OneTouch A14B120 is the last one here.

FC Test: NTFS (Copy Far)

The OneTouch A14B120 slows down in this test considerably, probably because of its poor access time. The WDXC1200JB looks preferably compared to the other two devices, again. It produces similar results with the two interfaces. The WDXU1200BB won the MP3 pattern and was overall just a little slower than the other drive from Western Digital.

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