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Performance in FC-Test

Now we will check performance of the hard disk drives with the FC-Test utility. Two 32GB partitions are created on the drives and formatted in NTFS and then in FAT32. After that a file-set is created of the hard disk. It is then read from the disk, copied within the same partition and then copied into another partition. The time taken to perform these operations is measured and the speed of the drive is calculated.

To remind you, the Windows and Programs file-sets consist of a large number of small files whereas the other three patterns (ISO, MP3, and Install) include a few large files each.

We’ll discuss the FAT32 results first.

The FireWire-interfaced disk is on top when creating files of any of the file-sets. Its USB-interfaced mate is following it closely. The Western Digital finds itself in last position in four out of the five file-sets.

When it comes to reading, the leader doesn’t change, but its USB mate takes last place in four out of the five file-sets. The drive from Transcend is the best one among products with a USB interface here.

Whatever the operation type, the drive with a FireWire interface still keeps ahead of its opponents. The HD-227U2 is the best one among the USB-interfaced products whereas the Transcend StoreJet is a loser here with every file-set.

Copying from one partition to another produces no different results. We’ve got the same leaders and losers as in the previous test.

The change of the file system somewhat enlivens our testing which has threatened to become one long glorification of the IEEE1394a interface. The HDD with this interface is still ahead of the others when processing large files, but loses to the HD-227U2 on smaller files. In a similar manner the drive from Western Digital leaves last place to the Transcend in the Windows and Programs patterns.

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