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Performance in PCMark 2004/2005

PCMark 2005 has the same tests as the 2004 version (not only in names, but also in results as we have seen a lot of times), so we only use one test from PCMark 2004 which is not available in the 2005 version. It is called File Copying and measures the speed of copying some set of files.  The other tests are:

  • Windows XP Startup is the typical disk subsystem load at system startup;
  • Application Loading is the disk activity at sequential starting-up and closing of six popular applications;
  • General Usage reflects the disk activity in a number of popular applications;
  • File Write is about the speed of writing files; and
  • Virus Scan benchmarks the disk’s performance at scanning the system for viruses.

The final result of the average of ten runs of each test.

PCMark does not always repeat the results of FC-Test, but in this test session they agree that the Western Digital RE4-GP is the best at copying. The Samsung is second best whereas the Seagate HDDs are poor in this test.

It is Seagate’s HDDs that are ahead of the others at booting the OS up, the LP model being somewhat better than its predecessor notwithstanding the lower spindle rotation speed. The other HDDs are similar to each other.

It is the server model from Western Digital that copes best with loading applications. Second place goes to the single 7200rpm HDD in this review. The Barracuda LP is third.

Under the general usage load the Seagate 7200.11 and Western Digital RE4-GP are contending for first while the Seagate LP and Western Digital AV-GP are fighting for third place. The AV-GP is surprisingly faster than its Green series mates.

Scanning for viruses is highly sensitive to caching mechanisms and Seagate’s HDDs behave better here, the new Seagate LP being faster than its predecessor. All the HDDs from Western Digital roll back to last positions, the model with 65MB of cache giving way to the two other 2TB models.

Writing files in PCMark is obviously different from what we have seen in FC-Test. The Seagate 7200.11 takes first place, without showing any sign of a performance slump. Second place goes to the Samsung. It overtakes the Seagate LP which has accelerated, too.

According to the 2005 version of the benchmark, the Seagate 7200.11 has the best overall score. The Barracuda LP is just a little bit worse. The Western Digital RE4-GP is third in this test.

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