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Performance in Intel IOMeter SequentialRead and SequentialWrite Patterns

IOMeter sends a number of read/write requests to the disk array with the queue depth equal to 4. Once per minute the test changes the size of the processed data blocks, so that we can estimate the dependence of the linear read or write speed on the data block size when the test is complete.

For more illustrative discussion I marked with blue and red colors the best and worst results respectively for each data clock size.

No doubt that Maxtor drive is an indisputable leader when working with small data blocks.

Of course, you can see that when the drives work with small data blocks, the Maxtor drive is ahead. Its phenomenal performance has been already discussed in detail in our Maxtor Atlas 15K HDD Review. And in case of larger data blocks the leadership belongs to the Fujitsu drive, which boasts the maximum per track data density of all HDDs tested. The really unique linear read speed graph for Fujitsu MAS has also been covered in great detail in our Fujitsu MAS HDD Review.

Now let’s take a look at a few graphs:

With a U160 controller Maxtor drive is just a little faster when processing smaller data blocks than Fujitsu or Seagate HDDs.

As it comes to U320 controller, Atlas 15K drive appears considerably faster than the competitors during small blocks reading.

Let’s check what happened during writes:

And with writing operations, the situation is just the opposite: Maxtor drive with U160 controller is slower than the competitors when processing smaller data blocks!

Although it performed not bad at all with a U320 controller.

As we have already seen many times: if something appears in one place, then something definitely disappear in the other place. This is the good and bad side of any optimization.

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