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Performance in Intel IOMeter FileServer and WebServer

So, it’s high time we tested how fast our drives are in patterns imitating disk subsystem workload:

The highlighted cells in the table show more than clearly that Maxtor Atlas 15K drive is the leader here. moreover, it appeared faster with the U320 controller than with the U160 one. Only Seagate drive managed to grab one of those nice blue numbers for itself, although it succeeded only in case of 256 requests, which is a not very typical workload for a disk subsystem, as I have already said above.

The diagrams demonstrate very well the advantages of Maxtor Atlas 15K against the background of other testing participants. It is evidently faster than Fujitsu MAS and Seagate Cheetah 15K.3 in all modes except the one with 256 outgoing requests, where Atlas 15K yields to Seagate HDD.

I also have to draw your attention to a noticeable performance drop of the Fujitsu MAS drive on Adaptec 39320D controller: the HDD seems to be having some real problems with the U320 protocol.

Now let’s analyze the average performance (Total I/O) of our today’s racers, to see who the winner is:

As you see, Seagate and Fujitsu drives appeared “worth one another” on U160 controller, however, on U320 controller Fujitsu drive was evidently slower. The leading position again belongs to Maxtor Atlas 15K.

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