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Performance in WinBench 99

We use WinBench 99 to check hard disk drives in desktop PC mode. To do this, we format the disk in NTFS and FAT32 with the OS’s formatting tools.

Here are the linear reading graphs of the HDDs:

  • Hitachi HDS721616PLA380 (graph)
  • Hitachi HDT722516DLA380 (graph)
  • Maxtor 6G160E0 (graph)
  • Maxtor 6V160E0 (graph)
  • Samsung HD160JJ (graph)
  • Samsung SP1614C (graph)
  • Seagate ST3160211AS (graph)
  • Seagate ST3160811AS (graph)
  • Seagate ST3160812AS (graph)
  • Seagate ST3160827AS (graph)
  • WD 1600JS (graph)

Let’s first compare the access time of the HDDs.

Low recording density has a positive effect on the average access time (through the use of more read/write heads and, accordingly, through the reduction of the work zone of the platters). That’s why the two rather old HDDs Seagate ST3160827AS and Hitachi HDT722516DLA380 have the best results.

And here’s the sequential read speed of the HDDs at the beginning and end of the logical volume:

Surprisingly, the Hitachi HDS721616PLA360 proves to be the fastest disk again, and it has the highest sequential read speed on both innermost and outermost tracks. It is followed by the three drives from Seagate’s new series, but all of them are inferior not only to the leader, but also to the WD1600JS, on the slowest tracks. Sometimes the required capacity is achieved by using the platter to the full…

Now let’s check the HDDs out in two integral tests: Business Disk Winmark and High-End Disk Winmark. We created 32GB partitions on the disks to do that.

The Hitachi HDS721616PLA360 is in the lead again. Its closest opponents Maxtor 6V160E0 and Seagate ST3160812AS change places depending on the pattern.

And the same test once again, but in the FAT32 file system.

The leader is the same, but the second position in the High-End test is now occupied by the WD1600JS which pushed the Maxtor 6V160E0 down to third place. In the Business Disk Winmark test second place goes to the Hitachi HDT722516DLA380 while the Samsung HD1600JJ is third.

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