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Copying goes next.

Copying the Install file-set into a folder on the same partition is performed faster by Seagate’s ST3160812AS and ST3160811AS HDDs. This diagram shows clearly how the size of the cache affects the write speed. The main point of difference between the two leaders and the last HDD is the amount of cache memory.

As the file size grows up, the gaps between the leaders and outsiders grow wider. The Hitachi HDS721616PLA360 has slowed down much. Firmware of Hitachi HDDs is traditionally good at processing small files, and we’ve got the opposite situation here.

Now let’s make the files smaller.

There’s only one Seagate left on the podium now. The Samsung HD1600JJ, which has never been higher than the middle of the diagram, is second here. The Hitachi HDS721616PLA360 is third.

The Hitachi HDS721616PLA360 has no rivals at copying the smallest files. Its copying speed is much higher than that of its opponents. Seagate’s single-platter HDDs take second and third places.

Now the file-sets will be copied into another partition.

Copying the Install file-sets shows superiority of the Seagate ST3160812AS over its opponents. At a big distance from it and with minimum gaps between each other there are three HDDs: Seagate ST3160811AS, Samsung HD160JJ, and Maxtor 6V160E0.

The leader hasn’t changed, but there are only two pursuers left. Their results are identical while the third pursuer, the Samsung HD160JJ, is slow here and takes seventh place only.

The Samsung HD160JJ can’t make up its mind as to where it belongs. Having a below-average result in the previous diagram, it almost overtakes the leading Seagate ST3160812AS here.

The Seagate ST3160812AS proves its superiority again at copying small files. The Hitachi HDS721616PLA360 is second here.

That’s all about FC-Test and NTFS. If you are interested in the HDDs’ behavior in FAT32, follow this link .

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