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Among numerous devices used for data storage and transportation the USB Flash drives with USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed) interface get more and more popular. These storage devices are really small in size and can be with their owner almost everywhere. USB 2.0 interface ensures secure connection and fast data transfer rate onto and from any contemporary computer, and they do not require any specific adapters.

In our mini review we decided to introduce three flash drives like that of 1GB storage capacity. These models are especially interesting nowadays because of their high capacity, as you can save on them much more data than on a standard CD-disk.

Super Talent Flash Inc. Flash Memory Pen Drive

This “super-talented” flash drive comes into retail packed in a compact plastic box. It is not the smallest drive, actually, that is why you may sometimes have some problems connecting it to the USB port, when there are other devices connected to the neighboring ports. Unfortunately, there are no additional accessories shipped with the drive (such as a USB cable), therefore, if you have problems plugging it into the USB port, you will have to find a way-out yourself. The LED indicator is located on the upper side of the case. To make it more convenient to carry the drive around with you, there is a special hole at the upper end of the drive. Although, you will have to find a band yourself, too. It is not included.


The model we are reviewing today is fully compliant with USB 2.0 specification. This particular flash drive features 1GB storage capacity, however, the product line where it actually belongs also includes models from 64MB to 2GB. The manufacturer claims that the data read speed is over 5MB/s while the data write speed is said to be not lower than 4.7MB/s. The maximum shock resistance is as high as 1000G. The drive weighs 19g, and its dimensions are 16mm x 25.2mm x 85.4mm. The device is selling for about $270.

A-Data USB 2.0 Agenie Pro 2.0


One more compact flash drive from A-Data is called Agenie. It is shipped in a nice paper box and is accompanied with a carry band, USB cable for easier connection and a small CD-disk with necessary software. The model is very compact and can be easily connected to the USB port in any situation. The LED indicating the work status is situated at the end of the casing, right under the neck band hole. The model name is imprinted on the upper part of the case.

The flash drive offers 1GB of storage space, and the product line also includes a bunch of model with the storage capacity from 16Mb up to 2GB. The drive is fully compliant with the USB 2.0 specification and is now available for around $319.

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