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TwinMOS Media Store Ultra High Speed


TwinMOS Media Store Ultra High Speed FCF01GS

The CompactFlash card from TwinMOS Company is shipped without any excessive accessories. Besides the card itself packed into a standard plastic case you will find nothing else inside the transparent package. The info on the product available on the manufacturer’s site indicates that these CompactFlash cards are available in storage capacities from32MB to 2GB. Besides the general information they also claim that the minimal write speed makes 26x. The 1GB card is currently available in stores for around $242.

Digitex FMCF-1024


Digitex FMCF-1024

CompactFlash card from Digitex is shipped in a very vivid beautiful box, which only carries the card in a plastic case. The product family includes models starting from 32MB and up to 1GB storage capacity. Among the technical specs of the device listed on the manufacturer’s site we would like to definitely point out the data transfer rate of 1.8MB/sec and the allowed vibration level of 15g.

This solution can be purchased in stores today for around $245.

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