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Performance in SiSoftware Sandra Professional

We tested the flash drives with the Removable Storage/Flash Benchmark. The major resulting parameter for this test is Combined Index, which is calculated according to the results in a number of operations. During the test a number of files is saved onto flash drives, then these files are read and then erased. The files are as big as 512Bytes, 32KB, 256KB and 2MB. The reading and writing performance is provided in operations per minute and a corresponding speed of KB/s. Delete Performance was measured in “killed files per minute”.

Super Talent Flash Pen Drive

A-Data Agenie

A-Data Speed Drive

The integral parameter in Sandra benchmark appeared higher by A-Data Agenie. The second one was Super Talent Flash Pen Drive, and the very last one – A-Data Speed Drive. The resulting graphs for all the three drives are shown in blue.

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