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Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1.5TB: ST31500341AS


The 1.5-terabyte drive is the peak of Seagate’s 11th series. The series began with models that had 250GB platters, then had models with 333GB platters, and now we’ve got a HDD with four 375GB platters. It looks like Seagate does not have too many platters like that. The company did not release a dual-platter 750GB model but limited itself to the 4-platter giant which was the first to step beyond the 1TB milestone. Otherwise, the HDD is a typical representative of this well-known series. Interestingly, the enterprise ES.2 series does not have a 1.5TB model although it used to copy the desktop 7200.11 series in every model. Seagate could not make it reliable enough or decided not to issue it due to marketing reasons.

Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB: ST31000528AS


Welcome the 12th generation of Seagate’s 7200rpm drives that includes products with 500GB platters! At the current moment the series offers two dual-platter models with capacities of 1TB and 750GB and a whole lot of single-platter drives ranging from 160 through 500GB. The dual-platter models have 32 megabytes of cache memory whereas the 500GB model is equipped with a 16MB buffer. The junior models have only 8 megabytes of cache. Take note that there are no products with three or four platters in this series although they might have been expected – will any manufacturer miss the opportunity to release a 2TB model ahead of the competition? Of course, we can suppose that Seagate prefers to earn on lower-capacity models in the time of the crisis, yet we are inclined to think that there are technical problems, for example with the balancing of the multi-platter sandwich. The recording density of 500GB per platter brings about very harsh technical requirements after all.

Seagate has also announced the Constellation series with enterprise-oriented products. The series is expected to offer 2TB models but we will only see them in Q3. Seagate’s website does not even name specific models as yet.

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