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Next goes our homemade test of defragmentation speed. We created a very defragmented file system on a 32GB partition of a disk by loading it with music, video, games and applications. Then we saved a per-sector copy of the disk and now copy it to the disk we want to test. Next we run a script that evokes the console version of the Perfect Disk 8.0 defragmenter and marks the time of the beginning and end of the defragmentation process. We run this test with AHCI enabled. For more information about it, you can refer to this article.

There are no unexpected results in this test, yet we’ve got something to talk about. First of all, we can note the good performance of the Samsung which is but slightly slower than WD’s Caviar Black that occupy the podium. The Hitachi with new firmware takes only one fourth of the time the old firmware needed to complete this test. The mediocre performance of the WD Caviar Green can be explained by its 4-kilobyte sectors (as you can guess, this test is largely about processing small data requests), but the poor results of the Seagate Barracuda LP and Constellation ES are hard to explain.

Performance in WinRAR

Now we are going to show you one more interesting test in which we use WinRAR version 3.8 to compress and then uncompress a 1.13GB folder with 8118 files in 671 subfolders. The files are documents and images in various formats. These operations are done on the tested drive. This test depends heavily on CPU performance, but the storage device affects its speed, too.

Most of our drives pass the test with similar results. There are only three losers that spent half a minute more than the others: the Seagate Barracuda XT, the WD Caviar Black J7 (the very first series) and the Hitachi with original firmware.

This is a very vivid illustration of how hard it is for HDDs with 4KB sectors to write lots of small files. That is the single serious downside of the new technology, but we cannot neglect it.

WD’s Caviar Black enjoy an overwhelming advantage, the older models being somewhat faster than the newer ones. The Samsung joins the group of leaders, which is a success for that drive.

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