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Performance in FC-Test

For this test two 32GB partitions are created on the drive and formatted in NTFS. A file-set is then created, read from the drive, copied within the same partition and copied into another partition. The time taken to perform these operations is measured and the speed of the drive is calculated. The Windows and Programs file-sets consist of a large number of small files whereas the other three patterns (ISO, MP3, and Install) include a few large files each.

You should be aware that the copying test not only indicates the speed of copying within the same HDD but is also indicative of the latter’s behavior under complex load. In fact, the HDD is processing two data threads then, one for reading and another for writing.

This test produces too much data, so we will only discuss the results obtained in the Install, ISO and Programs file-sets. You can use the following link to view full results.

Writing files proves to be a difficult task for many HDDs. While the poor performance of the WD BPVT series with small files could be expected, we don’t know what prevents them from delivering good speed in the other patterns. The low speed of the 750GB model in the ISO pattern is especially disappointing. The Seagate 7200.4 is not as good as we might expect, either.

On the whole, the 640GB drives are better than their 500GB counterparts, the Samsung M7E being an especially nice sight. The Hitachi 7K500 is in the lead irrespective of the file-set.

Reading doesn’t provoke any surprises. The 7200RPM HDDs are ahead, followed by the 640GB models. The 750GB BPVT series drive from WD is again far from good. It shouldn’t have any problems at reading, yet its speed is only as high as that of the 500GB models.

The Hitachi 7K500 wins at copying whereas the Seagate 7200.4 and Samsung M7E share second place. The Seagate does not like to copy large files which must be due to its firmware algorithms.

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