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Next goes our homemade test of defragmentation speed. We created a very defragmented file system on a 32GB partition of a disk by loading it with music, video, games and applications. Then we saved a per-sector copy of the disk and now copy it to the disk we want to test. Next we run a script that evokes the integrated defragmenter of Windows 7 and marks the time of the beginning and end of the defragmentation process. For more information about this test, you can refer to this article.

A high spindle rotation speed is an important advantage in this test: the two top places are occupied by the 7200RPM drives, the Hitachi being again ahead of its opponent. The rest of the HDDs come to the finish with close results. The Seagate 5400 is ahead of that group whereas the WD drives are the slowest. The 750GB model is especially poor in this test. Its 640GB predecessor with Advanced Format takes much less time to do the defragmentation.

Performance in WinRAR

Now we are going to show you one more interesting test in which we use WinRAR version 3.91 to compress and then uncompress a 1.13GB folder with 8118 files in 671 subfolders. The files are documents and images in various formats. These operations are done on the tested drive. This test depends heavily on CPU performance, but the storage device affects its speed, too.

This test often has its own particular favorites among hard disk drives. Here, the Samsung M7E is the fastest drive to create the archive. Second place goes to the Hitachi 7K500. The Seagate 7200.4 is third. The 640GB BEVT drive from Western Digital and the Seagate 5400.6 take last places.

Unpacking an archive with a lot of small files is a difficult task for HDDs with 4KB sectors but we are surprised at the result of the 750GB model which takes only half the time to accomplish the job compared to its predecessor. The HDDs with ordinary 512-byte sectors perform much better, yet that progress is very good in itself. As for the leaders, they are the Hitachi 7K500 and Samsung M7E which have already won a lot of our tests.

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