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Some time ago we tested 2.5-inch hard disk drives with a storage capacity of 250 gigabytes, and now we want to check out external storage devices based on them. There have also appeared external HDDs with a capacity of 300 gigabytes but their spindle rotation speed is lower at 4200rpm.

Who may need such a HDD? People who have to carry large amounts of data from one computer to another, of course! First of all, it is people who are into image and video processing. High-definition video that has become popular nowadays comes in very heavy files weighing tens of gigabytes. External HDDs of the maximum storage capacity may also be appealing for a user who carries not only data but also applications with him. There are now a wide range of programs, from office suites to games, which can be started up right from an external storage device without installation. And of course, there is a category of users who just want to have the fastest and highest-capacity computer-related products available. And few of them are willing to put up with the drawbacks of external HDDs based on 3.5-inch disks which are too large and heavy.

Hard Disk Drives

Fujitsu HandyDrive, 200GB and 300GB




We have two external drives from Fujitsu’s HandyDrive series. We tested one model from this series in our review of 160GB external HDDs, and now it’s time to check out the models with higher storage capacity. Every model in this series looks like the rest but differs with the model number and capacity marked on the case (the hard disk inside is different too, of course). The glossy black case looks pretty but gets dirty and scratched easily. This HDD may lose its pretty looks soon enough unless you care about it. The included pouch will help you in that.

The drive’s mini-USB and power connectors (you may need the latter if the computer cannot provide enough power over the USB) are sealed with special caps. There is no power adapter in the kit. Instead, you get a second cord for powering the HDD by a second USB port. We didn’t use the second cord during our tests, though. The kit includes the required minimum of accessories: a user manual, USB cable, and a CD with an electronic version of the user manual.

These external HDDs proved to be rather secretive. They reported their own model names rather than the models of the hard disks installed in them. Moreover, the 250GB model was identified like the 300GB one, namely MME2300UB. There are no special secrets about the 300GB drive, though. It obviously comes with Fujitsu’s MHX2 BT series disk that has three platters and a spindle rotation speed of 4200rpm. Fujitsu just doesn’t have other models of hard disks with that storage capacity. The 250GB model is more of a mystery. We guess it uses either a junior model from the MHX2 BT series or a senior model from the MHY2 BH series (two platters and a spindle rotation speed of 5400rpm). We’ll check this out in our tests.

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