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Performance in WinBench 99

We will start analyzing the results in this benchmark with the surface read speed:

  • Samsung Spinpoint M60 HM100JC (Graph)
  • Samsung Spinpoint M60 HM120JC (Graph)
  • Western Digital Scorpio WD1000VE (Graph)
  • Western Digital Scorpio WD1200VE (Graph)

From the graphs above you can see that the 120GB hard disk drives are evidently faster than their 100GB brothers. At the same time, there is certain parity between the solutions of the same storage capacity. The graph for Western Digital WD1000VE boasts the most exotically shaped graph, which seems to have evident technological reasons behind it.

Let’s check out the performance of our testing participants in FAT32 file system first.

We will start with the results of High-End Disk WinMark, and the second best result here belongs to Samsung HM120JC. The second Samsung drive won the third place from the end having left behind both Western Digital solutions. As we can see, Samsung HM120JC is the only hard disk drive that managed to make a very good impression in this test: all the other three fellows showed no performance wonders.

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