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Now let’s take a look at the NTFS file system.

Just like in the previous case Samsung HM120JC once again proves its worthiness: it again won the second prize getting just a little bit behind the winner. The second Samsung solution looks slightly better this time, as it managed to get in the middle of the testing participants’ crowd. Unfortunately, nothing has really changed about the Western Digital solutions. The two new drives are stably occupying the bottom of the chart, with Western Digital Wd1200VE being far ahead of Western Digital WD1000VE.

The next diagram shows the data transfer rate during reading from the beginning and from the end of the HDDs. The fastest of the four HDDs in question is Western Digital WD1200VE, although if we look at it against the background of other rivals, it will occupy a very average position having fallen far behind the race leader – Seagate ST9160821A. Close behind WD1200VE follows the Samsung HM120JC. Two remaining drives with 100GB storage capacity got listed at the very end of the chart, with Western Digital WD1000VE results being slightly higher than those of Samsung HM100JC.

The last diagram of this section illustrates the results obtained during access time measurements. Western Digital drives look somewhat better than Samsung solutions here, although all four of them showed longer access times than the HDDs from Seagate, Hitachi and Toshiba.

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