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Performance in FC-Test

Now let’s take a look how the four hard disk drives from Samsung and Western Digital are going to perform in FC-Test. This benchmark produces the most realistic performance results, because the algorithms used in this suite create real-life situations.

The credibility of the results is based on the working principles of this program. The main idea of FC-Test is to measure the time the hard disk drives need to create (write), read and copy file sets, which differ from one another by the type, size and number of files. Then we calculate the practical performance of the drives basing on the time measurements.

As you remember from our previous HDD reviews, Windows and Programs patterns include a large number of smaller files, and the remaining three patterns – ISO, MP3 and Install – work with a limited number of larger files. For copy operations each drive is formatted into two 32GB equal logical partitions. The patterns are copied either within the same partition or from one partition to another. Although the tables contain complete performance reports, we decided to use the results of only three patterns for the illustrative diagrams.

We will start the discussion of obtained results with the FAT32 file system. The file Create (Write) diagram places three HDDs into the leading position. The winners are Samsung HM120JC, Seagate ST9160821A and Seagate ST9120821A, as they have demonstrated the best results in all three patterns. Western Digital WD1200VE and Samsung HM100JC are just a little bit behind the leaders. And the youngest WD1000VE drive turned out the slowest of all.

The read speed diagram places the Seagate ST9160821A to the winners stand. The leader is closely followed by four other drives with very similar results. These four HDDs are Seagate ST9120821A, Samsung HM120JC, Hitachi HTS541010G9AT and Fujitsu MHV2100AH. The read speed of Western Digital WD1200VE and Samsung HM100JC is slightly lower. And the slowest of all is again Western Digital WD100VE.

The file copy speed within one partition shows no definite leader. A few hard disk drives demonstrated pretty similar performance level. I could probably give a little more credit to Seagate ST9160821A again and specifically single out Seagate ST9120821A, Samsung HM120JC, Western Digital WD1200VE and Fujitsu MHV2100AH. Samsung HM100JC yields a little bit to the leaders, and the 100GB Western Digital WD1000VE is again at the bottom of the chart.

When the files were copied from one logical partition to another, the race was won by Seagate ST9160821A, Seagate ST9120821A and Samsung HM120JC. Western Digital WD1200VE and Fujitsu MHV2100AH follow closely behind. Samsung HM100JC and Western Digital WD1000VE are the slowest of all the tested HDDs.

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