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We’ll try to summarize the results of this test session now.

The best models come first. These are the Western Digital Scorpio Blue, which had been among the first to arrive to our test lab and still maintains its superiority across a majority of our tests, and the Fujitsu MHZ 2BH. The latter is a nice discovery for us. Fujitsu not only increased recording density per platter in this series but also revised the firmware. As the result, the effective writing is now combined in this HDD with advanced request reordering algorithms. This HDD was a leader through most of our tests, successfully competing with the Scorpio Blue. It is hard to tell the best one of these two because the Western Digital is somewhat better in the server tests and at writing whereas the Fujitsu is faster in PCMark and has lower power consumption.

The Hitachi Travelstar 5K320, Samsung M6S and Seagate Barracuda 5400.5 are each good from a specific point of view only. The Hitachi is free from obvious drawbacks, delivering medium performance throughout this test session. The Samsung was excellent in FC-Test and at multithreaded writing, but was far from brilliant in the other tests, rising up to top place but occasionally. The same goes for the Seagate. It did well at multithreaded reading and in some of PCMark tests, but was uncompetitive to the other tested HDDs under server loads due to its terribly high response time and lack of deferred writing. The good thing about this model is its lowest power consumption which may be a significant advantage in some applications (but we don’t think it justifies the performance hit if you compare this drive’s results to those of the Fujitsu, for example).

And finally, the Toshiba MKxx52GSX is not exceptional at all, save for being regularly in the bottom position in the diagrams. Toshiba should take care to turn out better drives the next time they make them. Otherwise, they will have to compete for the customer by means of the price factor only, which may be no good for the company’s budget.

We are now waiting for newer, denser and larger disks since there are all the prerequisites for that. And we also hope to get some 7200rpm models which currently seem to be somewhat immaterial and only exist on the Web and in the manufacturers’ press releases.

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