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The graphs take a familiar look at higher load – a gently sloping line that is going down steadily as the percentage of writes is growing up.

The WD drives are in the lead again, and the Hitachi is only competitive against them when there are few writes to be done. The two outsiders in the bottom part of the diagram are the drives from Maxtor and Seagate.

The WD4000KS leaves its opponents far behind at the highest load while the Seagate team outperforms the Maxtors.

Now, the last thing left to do is to check the HDDs out in RAID10.

We seem to have got some fighting here! The Hitachi looks good at low load again and is competitive against the WD4000KD and WD4000YR. The WD4000KS doesn’t perform too well here, but it is the NL35.2 from Seagate that takes last place.

The WD4000KS perks up at higher load. It is the leader when there are few writes to be performed. The other two HDDs from Western Digital are in the leading group, too.

The WD4000KS is again a little faster than the others at high percentages of reads (due to NCQ, I suppose).

So, this round is won by the WD drives. The ability of the WD4000KS to speed up at high loads should be emphasized specifically.

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