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Intel IOMeter Multithreaded Read & Write Patterns

This is an exciting test, too. Its point is in reading from (or writing to) the array in several threads. Our tests on single HDDs have revealed a few interesting facts. First, Maxtor’s drives have been good irrespective of the number of threads. Second, Seagate’s drives have been very poor in the multi-threaded reading test. But this time I’m testing somewhat different drives from Seagate, and in an array, and on an Areca ARC1220 controller. It means more variables are added into the equation – let’s solve it!

So, the RAID arrays perform roughly in the same way as the corresponding single HDDs.

Maxtor is still the king of this test. I am also pleased with the results of the Hitachi drive when processing several threads because it is no worse than the drives with much higher areal density. The Seagate drive does well, too. At least you don’t see such a horror as in the review of the 7200.10 series. And once again in this article I can’t but praise the WD4000KS drive. It shows how far WD’s programmers have progressed with the transition to the new generation of HDDs.

The speeds go down a little in RAID5 mode, but the overall picture remains unchanged.

It’s the same with RAID10: the Maxtor is on top, followed by the WD4000KS.

Let’s now see what we have at writing.

There’s nothing much exciting at writing. All the drives make use of deferred writing and all of them do it right. The Hitachi has a smaller cache buffer than its opponents and this affects its results, which are lower, even though not exactly by half.

The WD4000KS gains the lead in this mode.

And the same WD4000KS is also the best in its favorite RAID10 mode.

So, we’ve got two heroes in this test: the Maxtor shows its excellent abilities of multi-threaded reading in RAID arrays, too. And the WD4000KS is the best of all at writing.

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