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Testbed and Methods

We tested the five flash drives using FC Test version 1.0 and AIDA version 3.95.

The testbed was configured as follows:

  • Albatron PX865PE Pro mainboard;
  • Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz CPU;
  • IBM DTLA-307015 HDD, 15GB;
  • RADEON 7000 32MB graphics card;
  • 256MB DDR SDRAM;
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4.

We will be comparing the results of the tested devices with those we had tested earlier (see our Storage section for more articles).

Performance in FC Test

We used three patterns with this test utility to check out the read and write speeds of the flash drives. The patterns differed in the average file size (1, 10 or 100MB) and in the number of files (1, 10 and 100). The only exception was the drive from Digitex which had been tested earlier in 240x1MB and 1x240MB patterns.

Considering that the file size and the number of files don’t practically affect the results, we put down these results as read and write speeds of the USB flash drives.

The first pattern consists of a hundred of files, 1MB each. You see that four out of the five tested flash drives (we mark them out among the previously tested devices with yellow in the diagrams) have almost the same results, identical to two earlier-tested models. The drive from Kingston is somewhat slower than this company and occupies the penultimate position in the table. Viewing the results at large, we see that the five tested drives are all far behind the leader in read speed, the Acer HT203 model, as well as behind the products from Digitex and SanDisk.

The two Pretec drives are the fastest among the five, the Transcend JetFlash following them closely. The Luwen EasyDisk goes next, and the Kingston is the slowest, finding itself at the very bottom of the diagram. None of the five reviewed flash drives could challenge the speed of the Apacer HT203. The Digitex Pen Drive is the second best.

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