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This diagram contains the read speeds in the 10x10MB pattern (10 files, 10MB each). Four of the five drives we’re interested in have the same results as two earlier-tested devices. The Kingston Data Traveler is somewhat slower than they. But again, taking the entire picture into view, we should note that the Apacer HT203 remains the record-holder, outperforming every other drive in read speed. The SanDisk Cruzer Mini takes the second place here.

The write speed measurements show that the Pretec i-Disk Tiny Standard is the fastest among the “five”, and its Luxury mate goes next. The Transcend JetFlash and the Luwen EasyDisk follow behind them. The Kingston Data Traveler is the worst of all – it is even slower than the devices we had tested earlier. The overall winner is the same, the Apacer HT203. It is followed by the Canyon Flash Drive and the no-name device.

The last pattern includes one 100MB file. The Apacer HT203 again boasts the highest read speed; the Digitex Pen Drive and the SanDisk Cruzer Mini occupy the second and the third positions. Four out of the five newly-tested devices are behind the podium, having similar read speed results among themselves and compared to two earlier-tested drives. The Kinston Data Traveler is the slowest of the five, taking the last but one position.

Talking about the tested five, the pair of Pretec drives wins the contest of writing one large file. The Transcend JetFlash and the Luwen EasyDisk are slower and have the same results. The Kingston Data Traveler is much worse than the others – it has the lowest write speed in this test among all USB flash drives we have ever tested. Note also that none of the newly-tested drives can shatter the top position of the Apacer HT203, which surpasses any other model. The Digitex Pen Drive is the second best here.

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