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Let’s go through the five newly-tested drives one by one, in the alphabetical order. The Disk Traveler from Kingston is appropriately priced, but has a slightly lower read speed compared to the other four models, and a downright low write speed. The EasyDisk from Luwen matches the others in the read speed, but loses in the write speed to the remaining three drives. Its price, however, is acceptable and adequate to its speed characteristics. The two i-Disk flash drives from Pretec look preferable in contrast to their rivals in the total of the results, but they cost considerably more, and the price factor often weighs heavier than others in shopping decisions of many users. Note also that among all the presented models, these two are the smallest and can be hung on the key-ring. The last device, the Transcend JetFlash, is almost an equal to the Pretecs in performance and has a slightly higher price than the Luwen EasyDisk.

Taking the price/performance ratio point of view, we think that Luwen’s EasyDisk can be considered the best buy among the five USB 2.0 flash drives we have presented to you today.

Totaling these results with those we got in our earlier reviews, we can state that none of the newly-tested devices could approach the performance of the Apacer HT203, which seems to be firmly established on the top of the performance podium

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