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Western Digital

Caviar Black: WD5001AALS-00L3B2, 500 GB


Caviar Blue: WD5000AAKS-00A7B2, 500 GB
Caviar Blue: WD5000AAKS-00M9A0, 500 GB
Caviar Blue: WD5000AAKS-00V1A0, 500 GB


Caviar Green: WD5000AACS-00ZUB0, 500 GB


Caviar Green: WD5000AADS-00S9B0, 500 GB


Western Digital has had massive participation in our recent tests and we’ve got as many as six HDDs from this brand for this review, too.

First goes the representative of the top-performance Caviar Black series with 32 megabytes of quick cache memory.

There are also three HDDs from the mainstream Caviar Blue series. Like the Black series, they have a spindle rotation speed of 7200 RPM but only 16 megabytes of cache. The Blue series is generally somewhat inferior to the Black series in speed. Why did we take as many as three models? The fact is Western Digital has a rather confusing product nomenclature. As our previous tests showed, WD drives from the same series but with different endings of their full model names (which are never quoted in price lists) may differ greatly in their parameters.

For example, we’ve got one model here that was released when the whole series was called Caviar SE16 – you can see it in the photos above. We also have two newer models which already have the blue label (we don’t have photos of them, unfortunately). You can see the full names above while we will be referring to them by the characteristic pair of symbols denoting the subseries: A7, M9 and V1. These are the third and fourth symbols after the dash in the full product name. All of these versions can be bought in shops, so we feel we must test all of them, too. Frankly speaking, we did not try to collect them all. We were just searching for a model with one rather than two platters.

And there are also two models from the power-efficient Caviar Green series that has a reduced spindle rotation speed. Our samples both have a spindle speed of 5400 RPM but differ in terms of cache memory: 16 megabytes in the AACS and 32 megabytes in the AADS.

It is because of this difference in cache that we included both models into this test session. It is always interesting to see how the amount of cache affects performance.

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