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When I started working on this roundup, I was a little bit confused. About a year and a half ago I was sincerely surprised and kept asking myself: who could ever need a 120GB hard disk drive (see our article called 3 IDE Hard Disk Drives with 120GB Storage Capacity)? And today the maximum storage capacity of hard drives with 7,200rpm spindle rotation speed has notched the impressive value of 250GB. Some time ago when Seagate marketing people were pushing forward the new Barracuda 180 they decided to talk about the storage capacity comparing it with a pile of writing paper, which could be needed to print out all the documents stored on this drive. Of course, this comparison was in favor of the drive, because the pile could be literally as tall as some well-known skyscrapers.

Today the storage capacity of much simpler and better value IDE HDDs (built of three platters instead of 12) is so high that you will simply break you neck if you try to see to the top of the paper pile equivalent to the 250GB of stored data…

In fact, do we really need such big hard disk drives? The arguments for the positive answer in case of some corporate tasks are very easy to find, and what about the home usage of these monsters?

In fact, the demand turns out to be right there.

About a few days ago I decided to rearrange my modest MP3 files collection and suddenly discovered that the average space required for a single music album is about 100MB (Lame, 320 bitrate). Having extrapolated my collection to “beyond modest” size, I realized that my current 80GB hard disk drive will not be big enough to store two operating systems with all necessary utilities, a digital photo gallery, some MP3 music and a few dozens of games.

Of course, many of the Above listed things will hardly be called really necessary ones, but it is so hard to delete anything, you know? The passion for collecting things is somewhere deep inside me, even deeper than genes :) According to some astrological magazine I used to be a relic keeper in some Borneo tribe :)

So, the human weaknesses will make large hard disk drives always popular, and the only question is how quickly the demand for high storage capacity will actually grow.

Having analyzed my own HDD purchases, I managed to derive a certain rule, which I subconsciously followed when I was upgrading my system: every new HDD I bought was three times as big as the previous one. It allowed moving the contents of the previous HDD to a new one (as I have already told you, I do not like to lose data), building up a new system on the drive and there still was quite a bit of space left on the drive to last me another year or so.

According to this rule, my next HDD should be 250GB big, which returns us to the eternal question: how do I choose the right HDD with such big storage capacity?

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