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Well, we have just successfully completed the tests of the five world’s largest hard disk drives with 7,200rpm spindle rotation speed. So, what conclusions can we draw then?

First of all I would like to say that no matter how big the HDD storage capacity is they still remain typical products of the companies which developed them. The benchmarks results revealed all family traits of these solutions, which allow us to see evident connection between Maxtor MaxLine Plus II HDDs and DiamondMax Plus 9 HDDs. The same is true for the drives from Western Digital.

I would also like to say that SerialATA interface is still no guarantee of the hard disk drive fastness. Probably the type of workload during our test session doesn’t allow us to feel the advantages of the SATA interface. Moreover, all contemporary HDDs except for Seagate drives SerialATA support is implemented via the PATA-SATA bridge, so you shouldn’t even hope for something remarkable then. The only thing that we can hope to get from the SATA support implemented in HDDs of large storage capacity is simpler integration of the drives into DataBase servers.

Of course, the indisputable star of our today’s test session appeared Hitachi hard disk drive: excellent seek time and interesting algorithms implementation helped this solution to win in many benchmarks. I would like to specifically stress its extremely high performance in server patterns.

Maxtor drive, on the contrary, didn’t show anything extraordinary in server patterns, but coped perfectly well with streaming reading and writing requests. Which we have just seen in read, write and file copy tests. This way, Maxtor solution would become a good choice for a multimedia PC, which often has to process a lot of large files. Also if you are about to assemble a video server, I suggest that you consider getting this HDD for such a system.

Western Digital hard disk drives proved pretty fast in server patterns, but their actual trump is the desktop field. So keep that in mind when shopping.

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