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Performance in FC-Test

For this test two 32GB partitions are created on the virtual disk of the RAID array and formatted in NTFS and then in FAT32. After that a file-set is created of the hard disk. It is then read from the disk, copied within the same partition and then copied into another partition. The time taken to perform these operations is measured and the speed of the array is calculated. The Windows and Programs file-sets consist of a large number of small files whereas the other three patterns (ISO, MP3, and Install) include a few large files each.

This test produces too much data, so I will only discuss the results of the Install, ISO and Programs patterns which illustrate the most characteristic use of the arrays.

The ASR-3405 is the best at creating files on the RAID0. It enjoys a considerable lead irrespective of the file-set. The AAR-2820SA is the loser overall although it is only when processing large ISO files that it is much slower than the other controllers. By the way, the four-disk RAID0 arrays are surprisingly slow on every controller. I had expected them to be about two times as fast as that. It is strange for the RAID0 arrays to be about as fast as the RAID5 which should be slower. Running a little ahead, you will see the same thing in every of the four subtests.

The ASR-3405 is unrivalled when working with the RAID5.

The ASR-3405 is also the best when creating files on the RAID10 array. It is somewhat inferior to the ASR-443000 on large files but the latter is slower on small files. The AAR-1430SA is the slowest of all, but it is also far cheaper than the others.

It’s somewhat different at reading, reminding me of the Database results at long request queue depths. The ASR-3405 is against the best controller for working with the RAID0 but the AAR-1430SA catches up with the leader in the Programs pattern and overtakes it in the Install pattern. The AAR-2820SA is the worst controller again, but it is only on large files that the gap is really considerable.

There is no change with the RAID5 array: the new ASR-3405 is faster than its opponent.

The RAID10 results are similar to the RAID0 ones, but the leaders are more obvious: the ASR-3405 wins on large files whereas the AAR-1430SA, on small files.

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