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Performance in FC-Test

When checking the speed of reading and writing to and from the flash drive, I used three patterns that varied in the average file size (1, 10 or 100MB) and in the number of files (1, 10 and 100) they were comprised of. The only exception was the drive from Digitex which had been tested earlier in 240x1MB and 1x240MB patterns. After reaching a certain point, the number and size of the files don’t affect the read and write speeds anymore, so I include those results in the diagrams, too.

As you see, the A-DATA i-Drive is rather slow at reading the 100 files x 1MB pattern, taking the fourth place from the end. Its result is marked with yellow color here and in the rest of the diagrams.

I can’t say anything good about the speed of the A-DATA i-Disk: it produces poor results reading a hundred of 1MB files. It is the second worst device here.

Writing the 10 files x 10MB pattern, the i-Drive has moved up a couple of lines in the diagram. However, its result is still rather bad.

Reading the same pattern, the A-DATA is again at the end of the column. It’s only faster than the outsider Apacer HT202.

This diagram is about writing a single 100MB file. As you see, in spite of a certain progress in speed, the i-Drive is on the fourth place from the end. That’s below average, again.

The speed of reading one large file is again slow with the i-Disk. It is only faster than the Apacer HT202.

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