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Performance in AIDA32

I used the AIDA32 program to measure the sequential read and write speeds as well as the access time of the flash drives. The results are presented in the diagrams below.

Average Access time

Linear Read Speed

Linear Write Speed

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The average write speeds are presented in the first diagram. The product of A-DATA Technology is again on a below-average performance level.

The i-Disk cannot boast a high read speed, either. It is hopelessly slow compared to the two leaders: the Apacer HT203 and the Digitex Pen Drive.

The access time comes last. This parameter is normal with the 2-in-1 drive we’re interested in now. It is like with many other models, but the average access time doesn’t actually influence the performance of a flash drive much.


Combining the functions of a flash drive and a digital camera, the i-Drive USB 2.0 Disk from A-DATA Technology may find its user among people who do need such an alloy of characteristics. I guess mobile users will fit into this category – those who are always on the run and need teleconferencing opportunities for business purposes. In this case the minimization of the size and weight of the computer devices you’re carrying with you begins to matter a lot. At the same time, the speed characteristics of this i-Drive are just satisfactory and nothing more – they are even slightly lower the average characteristics of other USB drives I used for the comparison’s sake. The quality of the image the digital camera provides is not the peak of perfection, either. So, it’s up to you to decide whether the portability and mobility outweigh the rather poor technical properties of this i-Disk for you.

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