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Random and Sequential Read/Write Speed

We benchmark the speed of random and sequential reading and writing with CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1. This benchmark is handy as it can measure the speed of an SSD with both random incompressible and predefined compressible data. So, there are two numbers in the diagrams that reflect the maximum and minimum speed. The real-life performance of an SSD is going to be in between those two numbers depending on how effectively the SF-2281/SF-2282 controller can compress the data.

We’ve dealt with SF-2281 based SSDs before, so we already know what to expect from them. Considering the use of synchronous flash, the ADATA S511 should be close in performance to the Corsair Force Series GT and Kingston HyperX, and that’s what we do see here. Of course, the manufacturers can introduce certain optimizations into their firmware, but this can hardly have a big effect on performance. We can note that the ADATA S511 is just a little slower than the similar products from other brands but this difference is going to be negligible in practical applications.

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