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File Copying

We use AS SSD version 1.6.4237.30508 as a file copy test. This benchmark copies files within a single partition the size of the SSD’s full storage capacity.

The ADATA S511 is quite fast at copying different files. This SSD is about as good as the products from Corsair and Kingston that have the same components inside.


We can’t give you definite recommendations about the 240-gigabyte ADATA S511 because, like every other SSD with a second-generation SandForce controller, it’s an ambiguous product. On one hand, this controller can deliver very high performance, being in fact one of the fastest SSD controllers available. But on the other hand, its reputation has been undermined by certain stability and reliability issues. Although SandForce claims that the new firmware has solved every old bug, there is yet not enough statistical data to confirm or refute that claim.

So, it depends on your personal attitude towards SandForce and its controllers. If you are not scared by the negative reports on the forums and the higher percentage of warranty returns, the ADATA S511 can be a good choice. It’s about as fast as the best SSDs with SandForce 2281 controller, the small gap in performance being made up for by its somewhat lower price.

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