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Quality of the DVD+RW disc recorded at 2.4x

Once again the burn process proper provoked no troubles: you see a smooth and clear graph without slowdowns or jaggedness. It’s not so good with the quality of the resulting disc. The PIE/PIF rates grow up at the outermost tracks. The PI error rate is close to the acceptable maximum, while the PI failure rate exceeds it by a factor of five. Alas, I can’t consider this result as satisfactory.

Beta/Jitter and TA Test (Outer) for the DVD+RW disc recorded at 2.4x speed

It’s strange but these results suggest that it’s all right with the Beta and Jitter parameters of the recorded disc. The TA Test, however, shows that the drive doesn’t maintain the required pit/land lengths on the outermost tracks of the disc: Jitter is higher there and the Peak Shift value is far from perfect. If you again return to the Beta graph, you can notice that the laser power was increased at the area where the number of errors is high. The drive must have made a mistake, deciding to increase the laser power on the most problematic section of the disc. It shouldn’t have done so. Let’s see if it did the same mistake at 4x burn speed?

Quality of the DVD+RW disc recorded at 4x speed

The burn session was again completed successfully, but we’ve already seen that this fact alone doesn’t guarantee anything. And you can really see a huge amount of errors (the PI error and failure rates are five and fifty times, respectively, above the normal level) on the entire surface of the disc, so the quality is unacceptable and the disc is in fact unreadable. I can’t show you the Beta and Jitter graphs just because the disc couldn’t pass the test.

Summing up the tests performed in this section of the review I should note that the drive burns DVD-RW discs almost ideally, but has serious problems with the DVD+RW format. At the min burn speed it produced a disc of an acceptable quality (the quality would be even good if it were not for the outermost tracks), but the disc recorded at 4x speed turned to be unreadable. This is a serious fault of the drive which makes one think of alternative products. On the other hand, everything is all right if you don’t work with DVD+RW media.

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