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Performance in CD WinBench 99

I will first measure the performance of the drive in the synthetic CD WinBench 99 test:

The relatively low overall score in this test is due to two factors: the drive has a big access time (114 milliseconds) and a low speed on the innermost tracks of the disc (but accelerates towards the outermost ones). The access time is better than with the traditionally slow drives from NEC (about 130 milliseconds), but worse than the best results (90 milliseconds with Samsung’s and Sony’s models). So, the AOpen DUW1608/ARR is an average device as concerns speed alone.

Performance during CD-R Burning

Verbatim Datalife 52x discs (Moser Baer India, MID: 97m17s06f) were used in this test.

Despite the manufacturer’s claiming a maximum CD-R burn speed of 48x, the drive could only record the test disc at 40x. It also took more time to burn a disc at 24x speed than other drives we tested in our labs. At 16x speed the result is normal. So, we again get a confirmation of the sluggish character of the AOpen drive.

AOpen DUW1608/ARR reads a CD-R recorded at the max speed

The drive has no problems reading the disc it recorded at 40x – the graph is straight and tidy.

The average read speed with the recorded CD-R is comparable to that of other drives that have the same speed formula. The average seek time is better than in CD WinBench, being 95 milliseconds. The ergonomics of the drive – I mean the full disc recognition time – is rather poor. Frankly speaking, those 16 seconds is one of the worst results in this category of devices. You have to be very patient if you own a DUW1608/ARR.

But let’s move on with our tests. Next I will check the quality of CD-R discs recorded by the AOpen drive.

CD-R Discs Burning Quality at 40x

CD-R burning at maximum speed (40x)

It’s been a while since I saw a 5-zone Z-CLV algorithm employed for burning CD-Rs. And I never saw it implemented in a DVD-recorder. Why would the manufacturer prefer this algorithm to the ordinary CAV? Maybe to improve the quality of the resulting disc? You’ll see it right now.

Quality of the CD-R disc burned at 40x speed

Yes, the quality of the disc is astonishing. There are absolutely no C2 errors, while the small total of C1 errors (11754) and the low average BLER (below 10) are indicative of the highest quality the drive ensures at the maximum burn speed. The Beta graph is almost horizontal and also lies very close to the zero mark. The Jitter rate remains at nearly the same level along the entire disc and that’s good, too. Thus, the disc is recorded perfectly. Let’s see if we can enjoy the same quality at lower burn speeds.

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