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Performance in FC-Test

For this test two 32GB partitions are created on the virtual disk of the RAID array and formatted in NTFS and then in FAT32. Then, a file-set is created on it. The file-set is then read from the array, copied within the same partition and then copied into another partition. The time taken to perform these operations is measured and the speed of the array is calculated. The Windows and Programs file-sets consist of a large number of small files whereas the other three patterns (ISO, MP3, and Install) include a few large files each.

We’d like to note that the copying test is indicative of the array’s behavior under complex load. In fact, the array is working with two threads (one for reading and one for writing) when copying files.

This test produces too much data, so we will only discuss the results of the Install, ISO and Programs patterns in NTFS which illustrate the most characteristic use of the arrays. You can use the links below to view the other results:

Everything is normal in the file creation test when it comes to small files. It is the ISO pattern that reveals problems such as the extremely low speed of the 4-disk RAID10 (we really wonder what is so wrong with it) and the low (relative to the other arrays) speed of the 8-disk RAID0. However, the controller is overall very good. Most of its opponents cannot deliver a data-transfer rate of 300MBps in the ISO pattern.

The speeds are lower when the controller is writing to RAID5 and RAID6 arrays. The standings are predictable enough but we wish the 8-disk RAIDs were faster.

We can see the controller being very effective at reading large ISO files: 650MBps is a very good speed. In fact, it is the best result we have seen so far. There are minor problems with small files, though. The 8-disk RAID0 is unexpectedly slow with them.

The controller really seems to have some problems with small files. The 4-disk RAID5 and RAID6 are faster than their 8-disk counterparts in the Install and Programs patterns. The 8-disk arrays show their best with large ISO files, delivering a data-transfer rate of 650MBps!

The 8-disk RAID10 is suddenly ahead of all its opponents including the RAID0. The speeds in the ISO pattern are high but the controller sets no records when processing smaller files. Well, you will see better how the controller compares with other brands’ products in our upcoming review.

The checksum-based arrays do the copying without any fuss. The controller is still good with large files but far from brilliant with small ones. The arrays’ standings are predictable, which is good.

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