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Nero CD-DVD Speed: Basic CD Tests

To carry out the basic CD tests I used a molded CD enclosed with a computer magazine, a 700MB CD-R and CD-RW data discs written with the test utility itself, a likewise-prepared 800MB CD-R and an Audio CD. Thus, my tests will show us how the drive processes the most popular compact-disc formats.



CD-R 800MB



The SCB-2408-D reaches the declared read speed without any troubles on four discs out of five. The 800MB disc poises a certain problem for it, though, and the drive only accelerates to about 17x speed. The access time complies with the device’s specification. I don’t post the results of the disc load test, since this operation is done manually with devices of that type. The high burst rate is indicative of the drive’s using data caching techniques.

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