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Nero CD-DVD Speed: Overburning Test

It’s nice to be able to burn more information on a disc than that disc is rated for. I used four CD-R discs to estimate the drive’s skills at overburning. Three discs were 700MB (Fujifilm 52x, Digitex 40x and TDK 48x), and one was 800MB (TDK 40x). The maximum possible length of the recording in the emulation mode was set up to 99:57.74 in the test program.





The results you see in the screenshots do not impress much in three cases out of four – only two or three minutes above the norm. But when working with the Digitex disc, the SCB-2408-D reached the maximum result, burning the entire disc through without any errors until the set-up limit. So, the overburning capabilities of the drive depend on the media you use – keep this fact in mind.


CloneCD is used to determine the time it takes to copy a legal CD with the Cossacks game into an image file on the hard disk drive and then burn it onto a CD-RW Digitex 4-12x.

The results don’t actually require my comments. Anyway, note that the read speed is almost twice lower than the write speed.

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