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Performance in FC-Test

In conclusion we would like to present the results obtained in our FC-Test, which examines the arrays performance in real-time tasks and allows making some conclusions about the actual controllers efficiency. We used our traditional approach and tested the controller in five patterns, differing from one another by the average size and number of the files they consist of. All in all we performed four major operations. First we created files on the tested array in the first 32GB of the array storage space (Create). Then the set of files was read from the drive (Read). After that the set of files was copied within a single partition (Copy near) and in the end the set of files was copied from the first 32GB partition to the second one of the same size (Copy far).

Let’s first look at the results obtained for RAID 0 array type:

First of all let’s turn to FAT32 file system. The diagram made for Create pattern shows that at first VIA VT8237 controller appears the most efficient for work with a limited number of large files, however, in two other cases when we have a lot of smaller files involved (Windows and programs patterns) it turns out slower than we expected. In this case Intel ICH6R appears better performing. Also I would like to point out that SiS964 controller proved extremely stable: in four patterns out of five it remained the second fastest solution.

Read pattern doesn’t let any of the testing participants win. In Windows and Programs Intel ICH6R showed the best results, while in all other cases it was defeated by VIA VT8237 and SiS964.

When we copy files within the same partition Intel ICH6R and ICH5R show the best result. The slowest one in this case appears SiS964 controller, although I assume that the extremely low result in MP3 pattern can be explained by some driver issue.

When we investigate the copying of files from one partition to another the laurels get sent to Intel ICH6R controller, as it turns out the most efficient solution in four patterns out of five. VIA VT8237 and SiS964 move more or less equally, while Intel ICH5R loses to everybody.

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