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For a more illustrative picture I drew diagrams for the Create and Read tests.

The VIA controller is definitely the best of all at creating (writing) files as it showed the highest speed on four file sets out of five. The Acard controller was the slowest at writing.

Note also a good average speed of the Intel ICH5-R and Promise (WT) controllers as well as of the LSI controller, which performed really fast at creating the Install pattern. I would also like to single out the performance of the HighPoint controller, when it worked with small files (Programs and Windows patterns).

The rating list is different in the read test. The VIA controller is closely followed by the one from Silicon Image, Adaptec and, in some cases, Intel ICH5-R. It is quite natural that the integrated controllers are faster than others at reading. It is also understandable that the controllers based on the Silicon Image chip showed high read speed: they have always been good at “pumping” the PCI bus. What surprises me most is the poor result of the LSI controller (based on the same Silicon Image chip). I guess the driver is the one to blame here.

HighPoint is far behind the competitors, but it was quite predictable after the results of SequentialRead and Disk Transfer Rate tests.

Now, here are the copy results:

There are few changes: the controller from VIA is on top, and Promise (WT) competes with the solution from Intel for the second position. The reference controller from Silicon Image holds the third position. HighPoint is too slow again.

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